Vision: At JUKI , we value the related ideas of “ Mind & Technology”
( Technology with heart) and out “Customer-Oriented” Policy, which together from the basis of the JUKI brand of today.

We will continue to provide products and services by taking our customers needs and desires strictly into account, by treating our customers as “co-production partners”, in which we create value together by learning directly from our customers.

At JUKI we are always committed to Customers Satisfaction, it is in an effort to be closer to the customer. Juki India Private Limited was preliminary established in the year 1995 as a Representative Office with Presence at New Delhi & Bangalore covering the northern and southern region of India. Over the years it has expanded its operation significantly through 9 branches at important apparel production clusters in the country and has full fledged presence in the country with adequate sales and support today.

Juki India Private Limited Has an extensive network of offices. This is further strengthened by the presence of its agents and distributors who help in distributing our products to the customers. We have continuously strengthened certain categories, such As electronic assembly and apparel systems and equipments, with the technology of industrial sewing machines as the core. Pressing forward , we are additionally focusing on improved customer relationships. The other division such Surface mount Technology (SMT) systems and House hold Sewing Machines also operate out of Juki India Private Limited Infrastructure and support.

Our dedicated technical engineers and specialist team from JUKI CORPORATION along with our agents or distributors provide customer with machine knowledge, machine installation and maintenance services. Additionally, we conduct product seminars and training and training to all valued customers and prospective buyers with the aim of providing technical and operational know-how of JUKI industrial sewing machines.

We also provide support for our industrial customers in the form of services and software, such as assisting apparel manufactures in improving productivity, developing highly efficient production systems, and improving the work environment.

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