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DDL – 9000A Series
Direct-drive, High-speed, Lockstitch Machine
with Automatic Thread Trimmer.

JUKI’s direct-drive lockstitch machines have been evolving toward improved quality.Now, the DDL Series line-up has been renewed by adding a "semi-dry head" type to make the DDL-9000A Series. The sewing speed of 5,000rpm, which is the highest speed of any Direct-drive lockstitch machines, contributes to increased productivity. Sewing work free from oil stains by means of our leading-edge dry-head technology. The machine prevents the material being sewn from being stained with oil.

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LU – 1510NA – 7
1-needle, unison-feed, lockstitch machine with a vertical-axis large ook and automatic thread.

The machine demonstrates sewing capabilities best suited for sewing car seats of light- to heavy-weight materials without using any additional devices. ar seats are intended to keep drivers safe and comfortable. To achieve this purpose, car seats of a good design are required. In addition, specially fabricated materials (such as special light-weight materials) are widely used. The machine is capable of sewing a broader range of materials, from light-weight materials, which are hard for conventional feed dogs to handle and gauges designed for medium- to heavy-weight materials.
DU -1181N
1-needle, Top and Bottom-feed, Lockstitch Machine
with Double-capacity Hook.

With its powerful top and bottom feed mechanism, the machine smoothly feeds a difficult-to-feed material or a multi-layered part of material without pitch errors, achieving consistent seam quality.

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APW-895(Flap sewing type)
Automatic Pocket Welting Machine.

The machine driven by Direct-Drive mechanism with high responsiveness and
achieving a maximum sewing speed of 3,000rpm. With quick clamp foot movement and folding action to dramatically shorten the machine cycle time and increasing productivity. Thanks to the hook axis base slide mechanism, the position of the hook axis base can be changeable and adjustable from the top of the armbed without reclining it. The bobbin thread trimming mechanism of right and left separate type, which works being synchronized with each right and left hook axis movement enables to dramatically reduce a burden of adjustment work when changing the distance of needles.
Max.speed: 3000rpm
Needle Gauge: 8 to32mm
Sewing Length: 18 to 220mm

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Computer-controlled, Dry-Head, Locksitich, Sleeve Setting with Multi-programming Device.

The Machine is the culmination of the JUKI’s leading edge technologies to enable a sleeve setting process, which is the most difficult of all sewing process, thereby more easily achieving upgraded seam quality. The machine comes with a newly developed belt feed mechanism that offers excellent responsiveness to materials and ease of their handling. The machines electronic thread tension controlling system (active tension) makes it possible to separately establish an adequate thread tension on a part-by-part basis such as the under sleeve part and sleeve cap part. As a result the machine offers an upgraded quality sleeve setting performance and is able to easily duplicate the same sewing conditions. With its newly developed sensitive type color LCD multi-program device, sewing data such as shirring amount, needle thread tension and stitch length according to the material used are entered with ease. This enables the operator to carry out sleeve setting process quickly to produce accurately finished sleeves of upgraded quality. Operation mode is operator-selectable on the single unit of the machine among the three different modes, i.e., manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic to meet the operators need..

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Computer-controlled, high-speed, Single-thread, Chainstitch, Button-neck-wrapping Machine.

The machine demonstrates the highest productivity among button-neck-wrapping machines intended for men’s and ladies outer wear. The mahine is able to sew buttons ad stay buttons of which the number of holes are different, such as a four-holed top button and a two-holed stay button. A single machine units permits the quick changeover of types of buttons to be sewn,i.e., flat buttons, shank button, marble buttons and stay buttons with a one-touch utility lever. The machine omes provided with a cycle capacity which enables the automatic changeover of button sewing procedures when sewing garments, such as double-breasted suits, for which the button sewing procedure differs on a button-by-button basis. With its electronic thread tension controlling system (active tension), the machines responds quickly to any change in material. The machine is also able to duplicate the same sewing conditions.

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AMS-221E Series.
Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function.

JUKI releases the computer-controlled cycle machine with input function AMS-221E series, fully changed and dramatically improved the basic functions of our conventional AMS-221D series on August 1st. The machine is a middle area computer-controlled cycle machine based on reputable AMS-210E series which was released last year. The machine flexibly copes with various kinds of materials and sewing such as sports shoes, leather shoes, bags, decorative stitches of apparel products such as back pocket of jeans, attaching large-sized labels, emblems, name labels and belts, etc.

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LZ -2290 ASR
Computer controlled, Direct-Drive, High-Speed, 1 Needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine with Automatic thread trimmer.

The machine comes provided as standard with twenty different zigzag stitching. T-stitch and covering stitch patterns grouped into fourteen different types. The feed mechanism is controlled with a stepping motor, enabling continuous sewing at a high speed. The high-speed condensation stitch (reverse stitch) at a high speed is enabled during sewing, thereby dramatically increasing the availability rate of the equipment. A single machine unit can be used in a broader range of applications such as the attaching of brand name labels on men’s garments and sewing zigzag stitches on welt pockets and collar cloths.

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Direct-drive, High-speed, 2-needle, Lockstitch Machine.

Here comes the top-of-the-line model in the 2-needle lockstitch machinery category, featuring high-and-long arm, semi-dry-head, direct-drive transmission, accompanied with a number of functional improvements including increased top-speed capacity, the newly-developed bobbin case opening lever (“soft-opener”) with low-tension & low-noise that provides evenly low thread tension to create gentle texture of seams, a new style of under-thread trimming of upgraded cutting performance, as well as easier gauge changing facility, plus our uniquely solid split-needle-bar operation, all those of entire remodeling from every single technical aspect give this new 2-needle direct-drive lockstitch model cutting-edge high productivity, quality sewing, user-friendliness in operation, maintenance and total reliability.

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