Surface Mount Technology System   
High-speed Modular Mounter FX-1R

Advanced linear motor and unique HI-Drive system delivers higher placement speed.

The High-speed Modular Mounter FX-1R is a traditional modular chip
shooter driven at extreme speeds. Refinements in the drive system
deliver real world improvements in actual throughput.
33,000CPH:chip (optimal) / 25,000CPH: chip (IPC 9850)
Two independent multi-nozzle laser heads (8 total nozzles)
from 0603 (0201) to 20mm square components or 26.5×11mm
0402 (01005) option factory installed
  *1 Actual throughput may vary.
*2 Please download brochure for details.
Board size
L size (410×360mm)
Component size
Laser recognition
0603 (0201) ~ ?20mm or 26.5×11mm*1
Placement speed
33,000CPH*2 ( optimum condition )
25,000CPH ( IPC9850 )
Placement accuracy
Laser recognition
Feeder inputs
Max. 80 on 8mm T/F
*1 0402 (01005) option factory installed.
*2 CPH = number of components placed for one hour.
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