GM200 Semi-auto T- shirt folding & packing MC

Application:T-shirt、sportwear、inner suit、knitting product etc. , not Suitable for Chiffon, silk clothing.
【400 PCS Per hour】

  Product introduction: For the equipment of garment enterprises that quickly fold and pack the garment that needs to be folded, the machine can fold and pack the garment and bag automatically after the size is adjusted in advance, so as to realize the process of folding and packing the garment automatically when the garment is laid on the operation platform manually,
  Packaging process: Put the clothes on the machine manually - manually place the cuff (long sleeve) - automatically fold left and right (adjustable width) - automatically fold in half (automatic calculation of the machine) - automatically open the bag (adjustable rubber bag size) - transport the bag - manually place the tag and self-adhesive seal.
  Scope of application: available plastic bags: PE, PP, OPP self-adhesive envelope plastic bags; paper cards or moisture-proof paper placement: manual;

Product parameter
  Mini width of cloth
  (mm): 350
Max width of cloth (mm): 800 Mini length of cloth (mm): 400 Max length of cloth (mm): 900
  Mini width before fold
Max width before (mm):400 Mini length before fold (mm):200 Max length before fold ((mm):450
  Mini size of bag
Max size of bag (mm):L450*W400 Max packing speed(pcs/h):580 Auto bag locking :NO
  sigle phase 220V
Air pressure (Mba):0.6 Max power (KW):0.75 Cloth length detect:auto
  Machine size(mm):1800(L)×950(W)×900(H) Weight(KG):100KG
  Package size(mm):2160(L)×1140(W)×1080(H) Packing volume 、weight:2.66 m³、120KG

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