Seminar on various topics

1. Basic Production management seminar- 2 hrs.

This will give brief insight of methods to increase the productivity . Irrespective of any qualification everyone involved in the production team can participate.

2. Open seminar & training on concepts involved in productivity improvement – 2 days.
This is advance course of training on productivity improvement methods with practical training on the seeing floor .
Training on operation analysis , time study and Method study will be given on the floor. Participants will make improvements on the floor base

3.Seminar on Basic knowledge in sewing- Duration 2 hrs.
This course is designed for the new comes to industry to understand the basics of garments & sewing. It will give a brief idea about various process involved in apparel manufacturing and Stiches , seams and various sewing machines available in the industry based on the product.

4. Defects in sewing process & methods to identify & resolve the same. Duration 2 hrs .
This is seminar will give insight knowledge to identify and solve the defects which will occur during sewing process. The participants from production , Quality and maintenance can participate to understand various cause and effect of the defects.

5. Smart solution proposal seminar for various products (Automatic machines to enhance the productivity & quality . Duration – 1 hr.
Smart solution proposal is been as per customer requirement in order to achieve their desired production and quality .
This seminar will have maximum automatics machine and possibility to use the same on your products. This is been proposed after analyzing your factory for a day or two along with feasibility report .