An IoT based system capable of performing connects all the machines in a network. JUKI meets customer demands by proposing line solutions to overcome production challenges using innovative, high-precision technologies under the “Smart Solutions” slogan.

Equipment data such as operation information on individual sewing machines is visualized in real time, analyzed and used for production improvements, speedy response and Operator education.

What is JT Simple

JaNets JT Simple is the machine operation management system that is able to receive the operation data and quantity of output of the sewing machine transferred from the terminal installed on each sewing machine for the purpose of monitoring.

Benefits of introducing JaNets JT Simple

 Corporate managers

•  Grasping the work progress in the line in real time
•  Grasping the machine operation status (operation rate, failure rate)

 Production managers
•   Grasping the line balance based on the processing time to enable
     improvement of appropriate line balance and to request for assistance
•   Being able to make comparison of target / result on a machine-by-machine
•   Grasping the machine operation status (operation rate, failure rate)

 Maintenance managers

•   Early detection of the sewing machine in trouble


•   Grasping the work progress of his/her own in real time


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