What is Seam sealing & Bonding ?

Seam sealing is a process of sealing up of the seam generally with a silicone coat or tape with a purpose of waterproofing the seam. But with the use of elastomeric adhesive tapes, this extra step of coating has been removed altogether and the tape gets fused directly onto the seam removing the need for stitch. Seam sealing can be defined as sealing of needle holes by applying adhesive tape with the help of hot air & roller presser.

Bonding can be defined as joining of two fabric with the help of adhesive tape by hot air blowing or hot press method . Bonding is most used in various active clothing and essential mainly sports wear . It can be also used in normal garments for panel attachment, side seams, pocket and placket attachments etc. sew free seam can be done using bonding, welding method too.
There is another technology wherein high-frequency mechanical oscillations cause molecular and interface friction in the joining zone. This creates the heat required for welding and the material is plasticized. This allows for brief cooling times, whilst maintaining the welding pressure and this is called ultrasonic roll seam welding. The only disadvantage of it being it can only be used for garments containing thermoplastic fibers.