On The job training

We train production people on how to improve productivity & Quality

To improve productivity & Quality of sewing in Garment factories, JUKI conduct On the Job Training program. The seminar OJT is basically meant for Production people like, Industrial engineers, supervisors, quality team who are actively involved in the shop floor.

This program makes everyone to understand concept of Industrial engineering which will make difference between supervisors, quality staff, IE to work together as team.

Day- 1: Seminar for OJT team.

Day 2: OJT training - Time study, operation rate Analysis, line balancing

Day 3: OUT training -Analysis of observed data. Implementation of solution / Motion Improvement.

Day 4: Study in Redesigned lined Checking for critical area/Hourly Production.

Day 5: Presentation by OJT team to management on their existing condition and improvement done in past 4 day