Online seminar - Webinar

JUKI never failed to support customers any circumstances, and this is yet another approach to support our customers by providing online training on machines trouble suiting & as well as production improvement seminars . Due to current situation of Covid 19 it is very difficult to visit the factories and factories are not allowing visitors as a precautionary measure. The following seminar programs available & can be arranged any time based on customer request. Incase of any special request you can contact nearest JUKI branch,
1. Basic Production management seminar- 2 hrs.
This will give brief insight of methods to increase the productivity . Irrespective of any qualification everyone involved in the production team can participate.

2.Seminar on Basic knowledge in sewing- Duration 2 hrs.
This course is designed for the new comes to industry to understand the basics of garments & sewing. It will give a brief idea about various process involved in apparel manufacturing and Stiches , seams and various sewing machines available in the industry based on the product.

3. Defects in sewing process & methods to identify & resolve the same. Duration 2 hrs .
This is seminar will give insight knowledge to identify and solve the defects which will occur during sewing process. The participants from production , Quality and maintenance can participate to understand various cause and effect of the defects.

4. Smart solution proposal seminar for various products (Automatic machines to enhance the productivity & quality . Duration – 1 hr.
Smart solution proposal is been as per customer requirement in order to achieve their desired production and quality .
This seminar will have maximum automatics machine and possibility to use the same on your products. This is been proposed after analyzing your factory for a day or two along with feasibility report .

5. Seminar On Standard adjustments & error identification in different sewing machines- 2 hrs
This is been organized for Factory technicians who are having minimum filed knowledge and it will give light on standard settings importance to get quality stitches. And various error identification and solution will be discussed during the seminar .