Computer controlled Sleeve placket attaching automate

  • Features:
    1.independentX,YAxis movement control can meet the accuracy of long-distance sewing.
    2.Quick die change structure, adapt to different shapes and specifications of sleeves and replacement of left and right sleeves.
    3.The pressing mechanism of the lower template prevents the fabric from being misaligned when the board is retracted, ensuring the stability of folding.
    4.The mold platen retracting mechanism can sew various style seals at the end of the sleeve slit stably.
    5.The lower top auxiliary device ensures the stability of the folding of the sleeves.
    6.Automatic disconnection detection function can ensure the sewing effect in real time, and is equipped with an emergency stop button device to ensure the safe operation of the equipment;
    7. Not only suitable for cotton and other ordinary fabric shirts, but also perfect for knitted fabrics shirts;
    1Human operation2station1800-2000A/8hour Due to the different sewing conditions (shape, length, width, stitch length), the production efficiency is different.

Technical Specification

   Sewing speed/rpm


   Stitch length/mm


   Machine needle/mm


   Sewing range/mm                     


   Rated voltage/V




   working pressure/ mpa


   Air consumptionL/min  




   Equipment weight/kg